Friday, 11 June 2010

Opel Astra

SF Shop - Netherlands

This impressive MTX install in a Opel Astra from "Doppie" is build to turn heads by the impressive sound levels it can generate.
Bass is delivered by 4 MTX T6000 square subs with 4000W RMS power to drive them. To match the ouput level of the bass the front system is as serious with dual TXC6.1 High End component sets driven by 2x 150W RMS. While T6000 speakers are used for the rear fill.

The install :
- 4x T610S-22 in custom build sealed enclosure
- 2x TXC6.1 component sets installed in the front doors
- 2x THX502 coaxials installed in the rear side panels
- 1x T6C653 caxials installed in the hatch
- 1x TH4000D Class-D mono block to power the subwoofers
- 1x TH902 Class-AB 2-channel amp to power the TXC6.1 sets
- 1x X704 to power the THX502 sets
- 1x X504 to power the T6C653 set
- All Streetwires ZNX wiring

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