Saturday, 10 July 2010

Nissan Qashqai Jackhammer

Revolution Car - Italy

Meet Eliseo Ielpo the owner of Revolution Car in Potenza Italy and certified "JACK ADDICT"!

Eliseo first met Jack little more than a year ago.
Unlike others Eliseo did not suffer from Nightmares but started dreaming of Jack and his Nissan Qashqai.
At first the pieces were blurry and hard to put together what was happening, but slowely the picture became clearer and clearer and Eliseo’s fate was clear.
The Nissan was stripped and than prepared for its biggest task ever : The new home of Jack.
Eliseo made a rock solid new home for Jack, a custom build ported enclosure in the back of the Nissan.

The Complete install :
- 1x T9922-44 Jackhammer in custom ported enclosure
- 2x T812-44 subwoofers in custom ported enclosures
- 4x T8652 component sets for front speakers
- 1x T8652 component set for rear speakers
- 2x TH4000D amps to power Jack
- 2x TH1500D amps to power the T812 woofers
- 2x TH904 amps to power the front speakers
- 1x X702 amp to power the rear speakers
- 1x Alpine IVA-W505R source unit
- 1x Alpine TUE-T150DV digital TV tuner
- 4x Alpine TME-M780 tft screens
- 2x Alpine PKG-850P tft screens

The THUNDERFORCE is with you! _

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