Sunday, 15 October 2006

New Mini V2.0

Sound and Sign - Austria

For 2006 MTX distributor Sound and Sign decided to take their MTX Demo Mini to a different level. Showing how Great a well designed and well installed MTX system can sound.

The Mini was turned back into the stock interior and a simple yet very effective system was designed for the car.

The single T7500 subwoofer is mounted in a specially designed enclosure taking in account that the sub would eventually be powered by a TA5601 amplifier. The enclosure is based on a 44mm thick MDF frame (bottom, rearwall and all side walls) the top is from 25mm thick fiberglass. A 4" aeroport is used as a bass reflex port.

The TXC mid/woofers is build into the stock reinforced locations in the doors and the TXC tweeters are mounted in new fiberglass A-pilars under the exact right angle to provide optimum staging and imaging of the music.

The end result is a incredible dynamic sound sensation working from 28Hz upto 22kHz with a superb soundstage.

The install: 1x MTX T7512-44 Superwoofer 1x MTX TXC 6.1 High End component set for front system 1x MTX TA5601 Class D amplifier to power the sub. 1x MTX TA5302 Class AB amplifier to power the front system. 1x Alpine Headunit/DVD player

All wiring and accecoires from Streetwires.

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