Monday, 10 February 2014

MTX Chevy Cobalt

The new sound of Thunder

With a complete new line of subwoofers and amplifiers introduced for 2014 the need for a car to show case the new sound of Thunder was more than evident!

Coming up with a mind blowing, gut pounding demonstration car is not an easy task. 

Fortunately the master installers at MTX HQ this is what they do best. The limits of what they can do are the limits of their immagination. 

For the new sound of THUNDER they took a 2006 Chevy Cobalt gave it a custom finish on the outside to have it look slick and stunning.

Than the sound part was taken care of. The new sound of THUNDER of course needs enough THUNDER and it was decided to use 8 new T5512 subwoofers in a custom build ported enclosure. Oh and yes this enclosure was build replacing the back seat but keeping the ability to still look through the rear window!

A cool custom amp rack in the trunk and Awesome door builds to show case the mids and highs.

The install :

4x THUNDER 1000.1 amplifiers to power the subs

2x THUNDER75.4 amplifiers to power the mids and highs

8x T55 12" subs in a custom ported enclosure

2x THUNDER 61 component sets, 1 in each door


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