Wednesday, 30 March 2005

Mitsubishi Pajero

AV Import - Ireland

Irish MTX distributor AV Import’s bone rattelin’ MTX Mitsubishi Pajero demo car.

The idea behind the install is to show what MTX Sledgehammer stands for: Holy Shit!

Installer Paul O’Regan new exactly how to do it he created a special construction to fit a standard T9500 double 12" Sledgehammer. The construction gives the impression of a custom install while an of the shelf standard Sledgehammer enclosure is used.

The install: 1x TH1004 4-channel amp is used to power the front and rear system. 2x TH1501D Class-D amps are used to power a Sledgehammer Enclosure. 1x T9512x2D Sledgehammer enclosure is used for Thundering Bass. Streetwires is used to wire the complete system. A Pioneer headunit and DVD-changer are used together with 5 additional Pioneer screens and Pioneer DVD navigation system to finish the car with Multimedia.

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