Friday, 27 April 2007

Mitsubishi Eclipse Pegasus

Emil - Sweden

Emil Bˆrjesson from Gothenburg, Sweden had only one thing in mind when designing his project "Pegasus". In this case it means turning a Mitsubishi Eclipse into an even hotter looking and performing car than it already was.

The exterior of the car has been modified with a full body kit all made from cellplastic. The estimated building time of the bodykit is about 1500 hours. The rearspoiler is made from the front spoiler of a Volvo S40 T4, which has been turned upside down and somewhat modified before it was fastened to the car.

The interior has been modified to fit a smashing MTX sound system using double components in the front, a THUNDER5500 15" sub and X THUNDER amplifiers. The general tone of the entire build was to make everything quite extreme but still classy. Not over the top like most cars of this nature. The outside of the car is mearly a refinement of the lines and shapes that the car has to start with, and Emil wanted to continue that on the inside of the car. Therefore, all the modifications are quite inconspicious. For example, there is a MAC Mini computer mounted in the center console between the seats.

Another thing that runs through the whole project is that if someone else has it, Emil wants something else! Most Eclipses have an indash popout 7" screen, so naturally this Eclipse has a static one in the dash. This focred Emil to relocate the Head Unit to the roof of the car.

The midwoofers of the frontsystem are placed in the factory locations and the tweeters are placed in the A-pillars of the car. The 15" subwoofer received a custom made sealed enclosure. The entire sub enclosure can be tilted so there is even acces to the spare tire when needed. amplifiers. The X THUNDER amps are placed under plexi covers.

Some car specs:
- Project: Piegacuz
- Owner: Emil Bˆrjesson
- Engine: 2.0L 16 Valve DOHC
- Wheels: 8x18" TSW Truxton rims with 215x40 Federal Tires
- Exterior: Bodykit built from scratch
- Rear windscreenwiper removed
- Stereoantenna removed
- Painted in Lamborghini orange with extra flake and a custom paintjob of a Pegasus on each side of the car

MTX System:
- 1x MTX THUNDER5500 T5515-44 15" Subwoofer
- 2x THS652 2-way components
- 1x X704 X THUNDER amplifier to power the THS components
- 1x X500D X THUNDER amplifier to power the sub
- 1x Alpine CDA-9854R heaunit mounted in the roof
- 1x 7.0" TFT LCD Monitor in the middle of the dash connected to a MAC Mini computer controled by a touchpad intigrated in the center console together with a keyboard


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