Thursday, 09 October 2014

Mini Clubman

Carsounds - Netherlands

It is not always an easy task to upgrade todays factory fitted audio systems to a higher level. But when this task is given to the right secialist using the right products the result is simply amazing. Carsounds based in Etten-Leur (NL) is one of those veteran specialists with the ability, knowledge and several decades of experience to create a concert hall in any vehicle.


This MINI Clubman is no exception, less is more is often said and here is proof of that statement. The customer wanted a serious upgrade of the factory system but the enterior and use of the vehicle had to remain stock. The front speakers were replaced by a T6 component system powered by 2 channels of a 4-channel amplifier that found its place under the floor in the trunk of the mini. No subwoofer was installed to keep the trunkspace. To get bass into the MINI a T6 6x9 set was installed replacing the original 6x9's. The T6C693 6x9 set is one of those secret weapons to get bass in a car when no subwoofer can be used! The T6C693 is powered by the other 2 channels of the amlifier.

The Install :

  • 1x T6S652 component system in the front doors
  • 1x T6C693 coaxial system in the rear doors
  • 1x RT60.4 amplifier to power the complete system
  • Sond deadning material to get rid of unwanted panel resonances

Resulting in a very clean and most important fantastic sounding install!

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