Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Mercedes ML

Brian's Custom Audio - Netherlands

Mbark Boussoufa soccer player for RSC Anderlecht (Belgium) needed some serious sound installed into his new Mercedes ML.

Word went around that Brian’s Custom Audio from the Netherlands was doing some serious installs with GREAT results. After a visit to Brian’s it was decided that only the best was good enough and a complete MTX system was put together to make sure all the Multimedia of the new system would pound the pavement and rattle windows whenever Mbark drives by.

The install:
- 2x T9512-44 superwoofers in a custom fiberglass enclosure
- 2x THS652 separate systems
- 1x TA7801 to power the subwoofer system
- 1x TA3404 to power the separates
- 1x Playstation 3
- 1x Kenwood multimedia center
- 2x TFT screens mounted in the headrests

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