Wednesday, 05 October 2005

Ford Fiesta Zetec

Audio Advice - UK

Mark Lewthwaite, 23 years old, from Northern Ireland. Is just a regular guy that loves good sounding car audio, for this reason alone there was only one place the install was gonna get done, Audio Advice in Belfast.

Iain from Audio Advice recommended the MTX gear, and after Mark was placed inside the MTX Renault 19 demo car for an intensive demonstration, he wasn’t gonna argue about it.

The Guys from Audio Advice claimed Mark’s Ford Fiesta Zetec and Mark was forced to take public transport while his car was literally being "Pimped" into a hot new ride with a mind blowing MTX/Streetwires audio system.

Install: Custom fiberglass install (half painted - half alcantara) 4x 12" T5500 High Performance Subs 2x Thunder801D Mono amps 2x Thunder342 2-Channel amps 1x T8.6 component set in custom doorbuilds 1x T8.6 component set in the back 1x Xbox 1x 15" LCD screen (in the boot) 1x 7" LCD screen (in the dash)

All wired using Streetwires.

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