Friday, 24 July 2009

Ford Fiesta

Audio Advice - UK

INSANE LOUD! That was all Audio Advice from Portadown (NI) had to work with when they had to build this Ford Fiesta.

So first the front system 4 component sets should be LOUD! so new doorpanels were made. Than to power the front speakers 2 4-channel amps were used. Now BASS POWER : 3x T9500 15" subwoofers in a vented enclosure!

Extra Batteries and Alpine source unit, TFT screens and iPod connection completed the install.

Is it INSANE LOUD? Well the windshield cracked while having a party and playing some Drum and Bass music with the system....

The install :
- 3x T9515-04 15" Subwoofers
- 4x THS652 component sets
- 2x TA92001 Class-D mono block amps
- 2x X704 4-channel amps
- Alpine source unit and screens
- Streetwires
- Odysey batteries

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