Friday, 26 October 2007

Ford Fiesta

Source Sounds - UK

Andy Elbrett from the UK joined Team Source, the competition team from Source Sounds in Sheffield, as their dBdrag member. Now he has grown in the team and has a serious SQ car. But Andy’s Fiesta is not just like any other SQ car.

Andy’s car is able to demonstrate Thunderous BASS with just a touch of a button. Andy’s SQ system has a dangerous monster hidden away in the back of his car, a T9512-44 Superwoofer powered by a powerful TA81001 Class-D amp.

Andy’s Fiesta is a great example of install quality and having fun with caraudio.

The Install:
- 1x T9512-44 Superwoofer in a custom sealed enclosure
- 2x TXC6.1 High End components for front speakers
- 1x TA81001 Class-D amp to power the sub
- 1x TA7804 Class-AB amp to power the front speakers
- Streetwires cables and accesoires

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