Thursday, 25 August 2005

Fiat Panda

ASC - Netherlands

ASC from Holland has a well known History and many people know them as the "Masters of SPL".

Now the newest members of TeamASC: Edijan & Arno show another side of TeamASC, The "show" side with their SQL Fiat Panda.

Edijan & Arno have build a GIANT Sledgehammer like enclosure housing 8x T7512-44 Superwoofers. In the doors of the Panda MTX 6"x9" speakers are installed to cover the mids and highs. The woofers are powered by 2x MTX TH1501D while the 6"x9" receive their juice from a hidden TH342 amp. To get a over the top performance from their Thunder amps Edijan & Arno have installed a 16V powersupply system in their Panda using Turbostart batteries.

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