Wednesday, 27 October 2004

Dodge SPL Ramvan

ASC - Netherlands

The Black Dodge from John Struyer and Rien "The Godfather" Overkamp from ASC. From build up to finish! The story of the 159,8dB car with only 8 of the 16 Amps used! Vice European Champion of 2004 Superstreet 3-4 dB-drag.

Installing all 16x MTX TH81000D amps and 2x MTX LSX-2 x-overs and batteries. Installing a 300kg steal skeleton for the Sub enclosure made from 10cm thick MDF. Ending with the install of 4x MTX T9515-44 Superwoofers and a lighted MTX Audio sign (under the amps in the back of the car).

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