Tuesday, 26 October 2004


Signat - Spain

This is the most impressive MTX Pick-up in Europe ! It is the demo car from Signat Electronics. We can say it is an impressive one ! A slammin’ MTX Audio system and cool air brushed MTX Motorsports and Thunderforce logo’s.
The car has 2 systems!

For the Cabin:
10x MTX T5512-04 Performance subwoofers in a sealed enclosure
5x MTX TH801D Amps to drive the subwoofers
2x MTX T8.6 Component sets for the mid & highs
1x MTX TH684 Amp to drive the component sets

For the Back:
2x MTX T9515-04 Superwoofers each in a vented enclosure
1x MTX TH1501D Amp to drive the Superwoofers
2x MTX T6.6 Convertible speakers for the mid & highs
1x MTX TH564 amp to drive the convertible speakers

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