Monday, 10 February 2014

Chevy HHR MTX iX1 JachHammer

After the introduction of the MTX Streetaudio iX1 headphones everybody at MTX HQ was laughing when the installers at MTX HQ were talking about an iX1 Jackhammer size.

But the installers were not joking around they were very very serious! 

They took a 2006 Chevy HHR and started mapping out the coolest headphone display ever seen.

And with GIANT working iX1 "Jackhammer" headphones.

In the back of the Chevy HHR a 32" LED TV was installed, together with two additional 24" LED TV stands the foundation was laid to really give people the ultimate experience while listening to the new iX1 headphones. The best music concert recordings can be watched in HD while listening to the sound on the MTX iX1 headphones... In HD as well.

Connections for several iX1 headphones were created in the back of the HHR. 

Coming from a car audio background the car received a full blown working car system as well. With the cherry on the cake:  working GIANT iX1 headphones.

The GIANT iX1 headphones were created around a pair of Atlas Sound D-12CX loudspeaker drivers, Atlas Sound is the Pro Audio branch of Mitek. The GIANT iX1 is powered by a THUNDER 75.4 amplifier.

The complete install:

1x 32" LED TV

2x 24" LED TV in separate stands

1x THUNDER 1000.1 amplifier to power the on board subwoofers

2x THUNDER 75.4 amplifiers to power the front speakers and the GIANT iX1

3x FPR10-04 shallow mount subwoofers 

1x TXC6.0 Front kickbass

1x TXC4.1 Front mid and high

1x TXC1.0 extra front tweeters

2x Atlas Sound D-12CX 12" coaxial speaker in GIANT iX1 headphones

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