Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Chevy Escalade Dual Jackhammer

Mitek - USA

This Chevy Escalade is the first demo car featuring two MTX Jackhammer subs.

Where lots of people on the planet think one Jackhammer in a car is already "too much" wait till you had a chance to experience this Escalade with two Jackhammers.

Because of the extreme double Jack bass system, the entire audio system needs to match up (or should we say able to keep up) with the heavy subbass duo. No wonder that in the Escalade the upper bass region is done by four 10" superwoofers and kickbass/mids/highs are done by no less than eight TXC THUNDER AXE High End sets.

The install :
- 2x T9922 JackHammer subwoofers
- 4x T8510-04 superwoofers
- 4x TXC6.0 kickbass set (1 set in each door)
- 4x TXC4.1 component set (1 set per door)
- 1x TXC1.0 tweeter set (extra tweeters in front doors)
- 4x TA92001 Class-D amp
- 4x TA7804 Class-AB amp

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