Thursday, 13 November 2008

Chevy Avalanche "Anti Bling"

Mitek - USA

This Chevy Avalanche build by Jason Planck and Craig Marsh from Mitek USA stands out from a crowd in more than one way.

First of all when you have not noticed the car you will certainly hear it from miles away thanks to the 18x 12" Square subs used for Bass in this car. Second amongst show cars where evrything needs to be shiny and very Bling Bling this car can be seen as the "Anti Bling". Except from the standard glossy black paint finish of the installed Eilte amps nothing on this car has a shiny or glossy paint finish. The car itself is painted with in a mat grey finish to match this paint job the rims were also selected on there mat finish and even the head and tail ligths received mat glass covers to replace the original clear glass covers.

The amps used in this car are installed along the center console and each front door holds a Thunder Thin shallow mount 12" sub and a 3-way TXC component system. To complement the door build and to create a better imaging an extra TXC tweeter is mounted in each A-pillar. The rear doors which are custom made suicide doors each hold a 20" TFT screen for video presentation. The rear seats are replaced by a custom build vented sub enclosure made from MDF, fiber glass and steel bracing. This sub enclosure houses a total of eightteen 12" Thunder square subs.

- 18x 12" THUNDER square sub
- 2x TXC5.1 High End component set
- 1x TXC1.0 High End tweeterset
- 2x THUNDER THIN 12" subwoofer
- 3x TE4001 Class-D mono block amp
- 1x TE1004 Class-AB 4-channel amp
- 1x Kenwood KVT-819DVD
- 2x 20" TFT screens
- Streetwires

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