Monday, 16 October 2006


Manuel Antonio García - Spain

Manuel Antonio García competes with his Orange BMW at the IASCA competitions in Spain.

Manuel has selected the best products he could find so he can be a leading competitor in the Spanish IASCA scene.

To win the IASCA competitions you need a state of the art system without any compromises to reach the best possible Sound quality.

Manuels install:
- 1x XTANT X603 Amplifier
- 2x XTANT XT1.1i Amplifier
- 2x MTX T7510-44 Superwoofer
- 1x MTX TXC 5.1 High End components
- 1x MTX TXC 6.1 High End components
- Eclipse Head Unit
- Streetwires cables and accesoires
- Dynamat

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