Friday, 24 June 2011


Revilohifi - Czech Republic

Beautiful BMW E30 3-series by Revilohifi, MTX distributor for the Czech Republic. To put the icing on the cake this car received a top notch MTX sound system.

The E30 has a trunk that is sealed of completely from the passenger compartment, the trunk is in this case not the best place to mount subwoofers. Reviliohifi solved this problem by creating custom ported fiberglass enclosure on each side of the backseat.

In the doors and A-pilars they installed the front speakers so with the doors closed a perfect soundstage is created.

The install :

  • 1x RT501 to drive the subsystem
  • 1x RT604 to drive the frontsystem
  • 2x T610-22 subwoofers
  • 1x T6S652 component system active filtered
  • Alpine CDA-117Ri source unit
  • Alpine PXA-H100 processor (for active x-over and time corrections etc.)


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