Tuesday, 23 October 2007

BMW 3-series E36

Klangwerk - Germany

The team from Klangwerk in Germany build this BMW 3-series touring with just two things in mind:
- Show of their install qualities
- Let people hear how Hi-End a MTX install can sound

To get all the speakers angled just right for an optimum sound experience they made use of fiber glass. To give the entire system a high end look they finished the install with black leather. The same was done to the trunk install, very rigid fiber glass sealed enclosures for the woofers finished with black leather.

The install:

- 4x MTX T7510-44 superwoofers
- 1x MTX TXC4.1 High End component set
- 2x MTX TXC6.0 High End kickbass set
- 1x MTX TA91002 Class-AB amp to power the subs
- 1x MTX TA7804 Class-AB amp to power the front system
- 1x Alpine IVA310RB source unit
- 3x Extra battery
- All wiring from Streetwires

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