Monday, 10 May 2010

Audi A4

Autodecibels - Swiss

Incredible Audi A4 Break designed and installed by AutoDécibels in Genève.


A perfect combination of tuning, design and an eye for detail.


The Install:
- 2x RT12-04 subwoofers in custom fiberglass sealed enclosures
- 1x RTS652 component system installed in the original speaker locations in the front doors
- 1x RT251 mono block amp to power the subs
- 1x RT602 2-channel amp to power the front speakers
- Alpine Headunit with iPod connection
- Streetwires wiring

The install: 
- 3x THS502 mids paired with TXC1.1 tweeters
- 4x THS652 used for midbass 
- 3x T5512-04 subwoofers 
- 2x TA7804 4-channel amps 
- 1x TA81001 Class-D mono block amp 


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